Friday, January 21, 2011


They say time heals,
And they are true,
But don't they see?
Time also reopens the wounds,
It heals by letting you forget,
by letting your pain to vanish,
And it hurts by making you remember,
by letting you relive the pain,
It helps you to let go,
But it will retain your pain with it,
And it will bring the pain back to you,
Because It  doesn't stay still,
It plays with our mind,
And it does that throughout,
When we forget and,
When we remember,
And it does this on its own whim.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Moving Away

You offered me your shoulder to cry on,
Your shoulders became the pole that kept me  from falling,
You  let me  trust in you,
You  became the reason for me to move on,
You became the reason for me to smile again,
Then one day when my tears didn't stop,
When your shirt got soaked in my tears,
When my wails annoyed you,
You started to wonder, whether your shoulders were strong enough for me?
And then, you  moved  away,without telling,
The same way you came.
The next day,somebody leaned on my shoulder,
 I did the same to that one,
And the day after that,  that one to another,
And it went on,
The human practice  of moving away,
It went on....
(And to answer some questions and teasing glances there is 'no boy friend in picture'(to quote one friend). I believe there could be much more meaningful relationships in life which you lose and never gain back and sometimes that agony makes you think what you have taken away from somebody somewhere.)


They told me, "a  benevolent God",
They told me, " a benevolent King",
They told me, "a benevolent  Father/ Mother",
They told me, "a  benevolent sibling",
They told me,"a  benevolent friend",
And One day, I asked my mind,
Tell me oh my mind,
What does 'benevolence' mean to you?
And It said, It means, I don't belong to them any more,
It said, It means that,
Till yesterday, I belonged to them,
But today , I am just the simple receptor of their charity,
Whom should i blame?
Because It took away everything that was mine,
And returned what was mine  to me as charity...


I start another day, with hope.
More than the long day ahead with its difficult hours,
It is the hope that scares me,
Because it will travel with me till the end of the day, holding my hands,
And when i reach the end of the day, crossing the scary hours,
It will let go my hand, will not hold me anymore,
letting me fall into the deep well of depression,
And it will stare down at me and laugh like a winner,
Mocking at my misery,
And  will tell me how big a fool I was to believe it,
Because, It was playing just another prank,
And I was just another victim...