Wednesday, October 26, 2011


I have made my last Conversation,
I have spoken my last word,
Wrote my last letter,
Gave away my last smile
Now there is no looking back,
not any more,
It is time to quit,
to retire into oblivion,
Now it doesn't matter where I am,
whether I am at  home or at an asylum,
Or at the Castle of Death.....
(Note :To be read only as fiction)

Monday, October 24, 2011

Being a Rebel for Survival

You called me a coward,
You mocked at my frail body,
You just saw my watery eyes and decided I am weak,
And my weakness wouldn’t fit the powerful ideology that you follow,
Why do you think I ‘m not a rebel like you?
Because, I don’t look tough to you?
Have you seen the battles that I’ve fought?
The ones which I’ve won,
And the ones which I’ve lost,
The color of those battles were red too,
Did you ever see the long roads that I had to take?
They were longer than what you could ever imagine,
They were full of thorns and stones,
And I know you won’t dare to walk on them,
Let me tell you something,
I am a bigger rebel than you are,
I rebel against my destiny
And guess what?
I have survived so far…