Sunday, December 18, 2011

Death of a Dear Rebel

Like a Mark Antony,
I  here  announce the death of a dear friend,
Death of the dear rebel in me,
The next time  you play with my hair,
she wont say , "keep your hands off",
 When you try to prove me wrong,
she won't fight back  and say I am right,
When you talk and I don't want to hear,
she won't slam the door on you,
When you push me to eat,
she wont push away the plate,
When you say come at this time,
she wont rebel and ask for another which I like,
When you push me away,
she wont make me cling on to you,
And when you leave me alone and leave,
she wont hold you back and demand you  stay forever,
The next time when she has to stand up for me,
she wont be there,
The loss is more mine than yours,
Because, I love her more than you do.......