Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Your locked door,
The name board without your name,
Your call that never reached me,
The empty coffee mug of yours,
Your neatly  folded clothes in my cupboard,
The train without you,

Your fake smile,
The air filled with your silence,
Your blank stares,
The bed without you,
Your stopped watch,
The unending hours of the day and of the night,
You taught me what vacuum is....


Of the the smile  never given,
The book never read,
The poem never written,
The call never answered,
The candle not lit,
The never uttered prayers,
The truth not spoken,
The alms never given,
The love not shared,
The incomplete drawings,
Of The wasted time,
This never ending list of Guilt!
Oh dear plant who never gave  flowers,
Your crime is just one,
Mine seems endless....