Wednesday, May 16, 2012


I wish I could float forever ,
in your ideas and not mine,
Mine are too weak to float on.
I shall come to you,
with eyes wide open.
I shall  listen ,
without uttering a word,
I shall go back ,
dreaming about your words,
and the magic world that they build.
With your voice ringing in my head,
It will be you  and only you,everywhere.
Oh no, not you, your words.
In my dreams of the day and of the night,
your words shall become mine.
And when they fade out of my mind,
when they don't make me smile anymore,
I shall come back to you,
just to hear you, again and again.
And in the new words that you utter,
I shall find my dreams and my world.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Your Flags

I die without holding any flag,
As I take my last breath,
I don't even think of one,
Why will I ?
I will not need one where I go,
Still when you bid me farewell,
you drape me in multicolored ones.
What shall I do with your flags?
I shall use it like Aladdin's magic carpet,
To travel to a world of no flags,
When I reach there,
I shall send it back,
Let it become one with the earth,
And when you walk on it,
I hope you hear the whispers from a world without flags.