Monday, November 5, 2012

Seeing through..

I am like the bird
who broke her wing,
half way through the flight,
and like the captain whose ship sinks,
 in the middle of the ocean.
My journeys are never complete.

I am the one with glorious beginnings.
I start my flight,
on a cold wintry night,
and start sailing,
in the middle of a deadly storm.

Once the whether gets warm and cosy,
and the storm dies out,
I lose my rhythm,
My wing breaks,
and I sink deep into the unknown.

I don't get to reach my nest,
or my port.

I never see the horizon.
My journeys are never complete.

I don't see through,
I am the incomplete one.....


Sunday, November 4, 2012

Mourning my Words

What shall I do with you dear time,
when you tie my words to your feet,
and fly away fast,
ignoring my wails,
to a world I am still not ready to face.

You took them away,
before I could breathe  life into them,
add color to their wings,
and make them fly on their own.
Today when I see them,
I remember premature babies,
ugly and weak.

Spelled wrong,
wrongly placed and meaning lost,
they can barely open their eyes,
to see this beautiful world,
and sing to it ,
the song of love and loss.

All they do is crawl,
through the valley of death,
And I crawl there, along with them.

- Aparna