Monday, July 8, 2013

When love comes in cute little packages!

We played snake and ladder, watched his favorite cartoons, ate ice cream, danced till i dropped on the chair(he was clearly not tired) and then he came and kissed me.....Love does come in cute little packages!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Me and this fire, lurking around you...

If the fire inside me was just seasonal
I would have held you close in my warm embrace,
and let you believe in my love, every minute.
But ever since this fire and me became one,
with flames engulfing me year round
in the mind numbing winter
and love inspiring spring,
coming near you ceased to be an option.
Your love adds oil to my fire
I am afraid it will burn you down
along with me, leaving nothing
but an unfinished story of love and loss behind
So I walk away from you
watching you from afar
You can just see my silhouette
not my eyes filled with tears
or my mind craving for your love.