Monday, August 19, 2013

My Leading Lady

My pen moves tirelessly to give her voice,
the voice of my shy, skeptic soul.
I make her dance to the tune of my mind,
when I am stuck on a wheel chair, unable to move.
Her body swings in passion,
while mine is like a frozen block of ice.
She sings  songs of  passionate love,
to the lover I will never dare to call by name.
She is not afraid, to meet his gaze,
or to hold his hand and kiss him,
unlike me, who hides at the sight of his shadow.
She sings a lullaby, to the child I will never have.
I can see the young life running
to her outstretched arms and sleeping peacefully
under her watchful eyes.
While I run away from the dark,
She becomes the light to calm my trembling soul.
When the evil tightens its claws around my neck,
not letting me utter a word, she becomes a scream,
knocking it down with a fatal blow.
While I stutter and stammer,
She can say a 'No' and  a 'Yes'.
She can swear and curse, loudly, clearly.
She is the valiant one.
She is my leading lady.

Sunday, August 18, 2013


Untold stories gnawing in my stomach again,
It is not time for bed yet,
But my mind seems to know that
sleep will be hard to come by tonight.
Badly need a story to coax oneself to sleep,
can't choose the one to be weaved with words
as a blessing for my soul...