Tuesday, September 17, 2013


When danglers are in fashion,
try wearing studs.
When suits are the order of the day,
walk around in fluffy skirts
When long hair earns you accolades,
go bald.
When democracy is in fashion
Don't belong to any 'other' side.
even by mistake,
acknowledge the 'other.'
even by a faulty memory,
trace your flawed blood line-
in the 'other' camp.
Only, If you don't want-
 your eyes gouged out,
tongue chopped off,
eardrums burst,
clothes stolen
and worse,
your name shunned into obscurity.
Just saying.

Monday, September 16, 2013

To Festivals and Imperfections

Festivals are never mine.
And since I am  too busy, always,
covering that up,
I don't bother disowning them.
I gather all the elements of glitter
and the ingredients for a feast.
The cutlery,
"they have to be sparkling,"
I tell myself, and then I add, softly,
"even the borrowed ones."
Floors, I wipe them clean
and put carpets on cracks.
Oh, the furniture,
I give orders
to chisel and polish them.
Finally, the difficult ones,
ties of blood,
they are coaxed towards the dinner table,
they'll also need
some chiseling and polishing
of their attitudes, you know why.
After all this,
as night falls,
I can see,
I can only see,
broken balloons,
sweet dish gone awry,
missing piece of cutlery,
cracks on the floor,
the chair with one leg not polished
and my sulking brood.
I lie down
letting sleep erase
the imperfections of today.
And tomorrow
I will start marking the calendar
for next year's failure.
Don't know why.
I've never known why.
It is not important to know why.
For now
all that remains is a shattered heart.