Thursday, March 6, 2014

When It Hails...

I thought I will never see a hailstorm in my life. No, this is not being pessimistic (or may be it is). I am that person who always misses seeing a shooting star, because I was looking in the other direction. I never got to watch a rainbow for real until I was 14 (many of my friends got to see it much much earlier, if you know what I mean). I was blissfully asleep on the day there was a meteor shower and the whole hostel was up on the terrace enjoying the breathtaking scene. So, no, I didn't expect to see a hailstorm. But I did see one, yesterday, when I was randomly staring out of my window. The first hailstorm of my life and it was glorious.  The world truly has its own magical ways of throwing a surprise party for you. (It would have been better if I was not down with a cold and fever, but I will just ignore that for the time being!) I am adding a few pictures below, they cheer me up on an otherwise unproductive, gloomy, lifeless day!

Before you melt away ......

Feel the cold :)
when it hails....

Hailstones with a Jamun for topping


Photos by Amritha Ayyar, Shinod N. K and Aparna Vincent