Sunday, May 10, 2015

No Nostalgia for School!

There is this idea amongst a lot of people I see that nostalgia for one's school days is a universal one, that everyone misses school at some point. But there are some of us for whom school was about a struggle for survival. My schooling till Standard 10 was  about emotional torture of different kinds. It was about biases based on colour,  hair texture, financial status, wrongful accusations and whether you are good at maths or not! School was that place where you heard demeaning things about yourself on many days. It was that place where you almost believed that you are not good enough, even when your spirit was fighting valiantly against every statement and events which made you think so. So NO, I don't miss school. After passing my 10th Boards, I never felt the need to go back. I have some good friends from there. But that's it. Give me school as a package again, I won't take it.  And yes, I am one of those people who are happy to have survived school and do not want to go back, even if it means walking down the memory lane of precious childhood days. I don't associate with laughter, fun and  sepia photographs from old school days.  In a way my proper education started after I finished Standard 10. And therefore, NO nostalgia for school!